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Inspired By… Love & Dance

The Tango – a dance almost everyone has knowledge of.  Its rhythm is described as incisive, exciting, provocative.

Our Brio® “Tango” 3/4″ mosaic tile is a passionate blend of vibrant red, orange and yellow glass mosaic tiles. This glass tile blend is well suited for any application including kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom tile, floor tile, fireplace tile and pool tile.

Perfect for any excitingly provocative interior and exterior application. ;)

Modwalls Inspired By Brio Blend Tango

This sultry blend is $15.95 per 1.15 square feet.  You can find this and over 20 other Brio® Blends right here.


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American Made Tile

This year we’ve introduced two new tile lines and both are handmade here in the good old U. S. of A!

american made tile by modwalls

We rolled out our revamped website this weekend (yay!), and we have a whole page dedicated to our USA made tile. These collections include our Rex Ray Studio Lush® 4×12 TYPE glass subway tiles and our Clayhaus for modwalls® super fresh ceramic subway tiles and ceramic mosaic “Plus” tiles.

We plan to add many new additions to the American Made Tile collection in the next couple of years, cause we know USA tile is where it’s at!

Check out our American Made Tile page here, and please let us know what you think of our revamped website design!

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We love a tile blend.

It’s kind of our “thing,” and for years we’ve been stocking rockin’ tile blends in our Brio® vitreous glass tile line, our Lush® glass tile line, our ModDotz™ porcelain penny round tile collection, and we’ve been offering custom tile blends with our Brio® tile so our fabulous customers can create the tile blend of their dreams.

We recently launched our first ceramic tile collection and we’ve been so thrilled that the majority of our customers have choose to create blends!

Our 2×8 ceramic subway tiles are sold by the square foot and our customers can purchase as many square feet as they’d like. We have seven colors in-stock and any talented tile installer can turn those individual colors into a completely custom ceramic tile blend.

We also carry ceramic “Plus” Mosaic tiles and we offer a “Regulated Mix” of the three colors we stock. This unique blend has been hot hot HOT with our retail customers and designers alike.

Take a look at the sweet installation photos we’ve received so far:

modwalls Plus Mosaic ceramic tile blend Regulated Mix

A funky-cool kitchen with our ceramic Plus Mosaic "Regulated Mix."

modwalls 2x8 ceramic tile from At Home magazine

This gorgeous kitchen with all 7 colors of our 2x8 ceramic tiles was featured in At Home in Arkansas magazine.

A bathroom with modwalls 2x8 ceramic tile Brine, Milk and Licorice matte

A bathroom with modwalls 2x8 ceramic tile Brine, Milk and Licorice matte.

The bathroom with modwalls 2x8 ceramic tile Brine, Milk and Licorice matte

Fish eye view of the bathroom with modwalls 2x8 ceramic tile Brine, Milk and Licorice matte.

Mixer + modwalls 2x8 ceramic tile blend

This little mixer looks adorable against this kitchen backsplash with modwalls 2x8 ceramic tile colors Splash, Milk, Brine, Wheatgrass, Zest, Cookie and Licorice Matte.

Adorable kitchen backsplash with modwalls 2x8 ceramic tile blend.

One happy kitchen backsplash with modwalls 2x8 ceramic tile blend.

modwalls Ceramic Plus Mosaic unique ceramic tile blend

Another view of the super unique Plus Mosaic "Regulated Mix" ceramic tile blend kitchen backsplash.

So what do you think… are ceramic tile blends your new favorite?!

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Hello, Playhouse


modwalls tile + Playhouse Design Group = A match made in design heaven

Originally posted on Modwalls Designer Notes:

Playhouse Design Group logo

Holy moly, we are pumped about this Designer Spotlight! We’re talking crazy excited, doing a happy-dance, jump-kick-into-the-splits type of feeling.  And why, you ask?  Well, that would be because of the super sleek set of photos we received from ultra-cool Playhouse Design Group out of Seattle,Washington.  Scroll down and let your eyes feast on the majesty.  Warning: These delicious photos will stuff you with delight; you’ll need to walk it off afterward.

Homes by Playhouse Design Group.

Homes by Playhouse Design Group.

Modwalls Lush 1x1 Wasabi glass tile

Modwalls® Lush® 1x1 Wasabi tile on the kitchen backsplash installed with black grout; its a totally unexpected choice that ties in the countertop and bar perfectly.

You would think after being in the biz this long, and having already built a rockin’ tile gallery, that we might not have the same enthusiasm we used to for tile photos. Well, the truth is that even if we are a little jaded at times, this work is entirely different. Playhouse Design Group has created original, inspiring spaces executed with the highest-quality craftsmanship.  The finished product is gorgeous, genuinely unique and has left us…

View original 248 more words

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New Tiles!

We’re always so excited when we receive our large tile orders from our factory, like we did just 2 days ago. They only come a few times a year, so it’s like Christmas!

That really isn’t an over-exaggeration either; we all do a little happy dance in celebration when the goods are being unloaded.

What’s most exciting is when we get brand spankin’ new tiles that we’ve never seen before. We’ve been waiting for these babies for MONTHS, so the anticipation is over-the-top once they arrive!

Here’s a quick look at our new loved ones…

This is modwalls® ModDotz™ “New Navy” blue porcelain penny round tile.

The color is a gorgeous jewel-tone that’s even better than what we expected! It’s a dark blue that’s got a bit of a teal tone and we’re loving it.

modwalls ModDotz New Navy blue porcelain penny round tile

We also received a new 3/4″ glass mosaic tile blend to add to our Brio® tile collection.

This is modwalls® Brio® Number Nine mosaic glass tile blend.

We think this blend would be ADORABLE in a children’s bathroom, right?

Brio Mosaic Number Nine tile blend

Don’t ya just love presents? ;-)

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Our Lush, Brio and ModDotz tiles are here!

They’re here!

Welcome home, modwalls tile!

modwalls tiles back in stock

Here’s a list of all of the tile goodies we just received. Click on any name to go to the product page where you can purchase right away!

ModDotz™ porcelain penny round tiles

ModDotz™ Marshmallow

ModDotz™ Grey

ModDotz™ New Navy (new color!)

Lush® 8mm thick glass tiles

Lush® 4×12 Cloud

Lush® 4×12 Surf

Lush® 4×12 Fog Bank

Lush® 4×12 Vapor

Lush® 3×6 Vapor

Lush® 3×6 Cloud

Lush® 3×6 Rain

Lush® 3×6 Peacock

Lush® 1×4 Cloud

Lush® 1×4 Vapor

Lush® 1×4 Lemongrass

Lush® 1×2 Fog Bank

Lush® 1/2×2 Big Sur

Brio® 4mm thick vitreous glass tiles

Brio® White Linen blend

Brio® Surfside blend

Brio® Emma blend

Brio® Midcentury Palette blend

Brio® Number Nine blend (new blend!)

Brio® color Bright White

Brio® color Quartz

Brio® color Dry Ice

Brio® color Sleet

Brio® color Maple

Brio® color Black Walnut

Brio® color Cobalt

Brio® color Cobalt Pearl

Brio® color Grape

Brio® color Purple

Brio® color Pale Lilac

Brio® color Clear Red

Brio® color Tulip

Tile… it’s so hot right now.

modwalls tile in the warehouse

The warehouse boys unloading our new arrivals.

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modwalls on Katie Brown Workshop… Check Out the Video!

Super cool!

Our own modwalls’ Sarah was featured on Cook, Nest, Grow diva Katie Brown’s PBS show Katie Brown Workshop recently and we have a short clip to share.

We’ve been waiting to share this one for a while… !

Sarah had an awesome time at Katie’s Amagansett, NY cottage home, and Katie Brown could not be sweeter.

Check out the video with some great tile-tips including selecting the right tile for your space and a little bit of grout gab.


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Inspired By…. Tasty Treats

Today’s tile was inspired by our “cheat day” =-D

On the left is a yummy snack and on the right is our Brio® Rocky Road 3/4″ glass mosaic tile blend.

modwalls Brio Rocky Road tile blend inspired by tasty treats

This delish mosaic snack is just $5.95 per 1.15 square foot sheet.  Mmmmmmm!

Nom nom nom nom.

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A Call to Color Lovers: Please Help Us Choose Our New Rex Ray Ceramic Colors!

Ok, it’s game time.

We need your opinion and we need it now!  =)

Please help us select the best colors for our new Rex Ray Studio Ceramic tiles. We’ve provided a few choices below and we’d love to get your take on them!

We’re sharing these babies on our Facebook page where you can “vote” for your favorite option. Please take a look and vote on our Facebook page

You can also post a comment to let us know which option is your favorite.

Thank you SO MUCH in advance — we appreciate your help!

modwalls Rex Ray Studio Ceramic tile and color choices

The top photo shows our Rex Ray Studio ceramic tiles in white and the bottom photo shows the 4 color families we’ve selected. Click on the image to see a larger view.

Do you have a preference? Is it #1, #2, #3 or #4?

Our graphic designer found a few images to help you envision these color families. Take a look below and then please tell us what you think!

Option #1:

Option #1 color choice for modwalls Rex Ray Studio tiles

Option #2:

Option #2 color choice for modwalls Rex Ray Studio tiles

Option #3:

Option #3 color choice for modwalls Rex Ray Studio tiles

Option #4:

Option #4 color choice for modwalls Rex Ray Studio tiles

Sooo…  Whatcha think?!

And if you like one color more than another within one of the four “color families,” please let us know – don’t be shy!



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Inspired By…

On the left is a photo snapped at Big Sur, CA, just 50 miles South of our Aptos-based office.

On the right is our Lush® 1/2×2 Big Sur tile blend, which was inspired by the scene.

Nature + Tile = True Love

modwalls Lush 1/2x2 Big Sur glass tile blend


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