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FB Quarterly Photo Contest Winners Announced!!!

Modwalls Facebook Quarterly Photo Contest WINNERS!!! These 3 lucky owners get $50 cash or $100 store credit – and all they had to do was show off their gorgeous tile!!!

Next quarterly contest has officially started!!  Enter your pics now for a chance to be a future winner!  Send your pics to and LIKE us on facebook to stay in the loop and place your votes (the most ‘likes’ per pic will win!).


  • Switch all your lights ON
  • Clear your counters or area of distracting accessories and clutter
  • Clean tile photographs the best – wink wink ;-)
  • Take your pics when it’s daytime – you’ll get better lighting and won’t get any weird glare from dark windows
  • Think like a photographer and ask yourself…what’s the best angle here? 
  • Avoid capturing yourself in the bathroom mirror
  • Don’t rush it!  Wait until your space is completely done so we can all enjoy the results
  • Send us actual size /high resolution images – 300dpi is ideal
  • Have fun with it!!!
Modwalls is making tile modern with colorful and unique designs that are in stock and available for purchase online 24/7 at
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Inspired By… Fog Bank

It’s easy to see why our Lush® 4″x 12″ Fog Bank is one of our best sellers!

Here’s what one of our customers Brienne of Tucson, Arizona had to say about it (thanks Brienne!).  I think she summed it up perfectly!

“We had the 4×12 Lush Fog Bank tile installed for our pool at the water line. It is a beautiful and clean modern look. We searched countless sites looking for truly modern pool tile and Modwalls was the only site that had what we were looking for. We debated on color after ordering samples of 5 different tiles. We thought fog bank would end up too grey and a little boring, but it is the perfect color in our space. Sometimes it looks blue, sometimes it looks grey, but it always looks stunning, especially next to the crisp white grout we chose. The tile isn’t cheap, but it is worth every penny for the great quality and the clean modern look it provides!”
Modwalls is making tile modern with colorful and unique designs that are in stock and available for purchase online 24/7 at

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We’re still 100% in love with this design!
Take a look at our tile at the Glen Oaks Big Sur Lodge in Big Sur, CA…

Originally posted on Modwalls Designer Notes:

It isn’t very often when we look at a place and say, “This is exactly how I want my home to look.” And the fact that the spectacular spot features modwalls® tile?  Yep, we are officially floored.

We could not be more pleased to see modwalls® tile in the Glen Oaks Big Sur Lodge, recognized as one of the most romantic hotels in the world in the February 2011 issue of Travel + Leisure Magazine. The grounds were recently overhauled and completely revamped by super-talented interior designer Steve Justrich of Justrich Design in San Francisco, CA.

Built as an adobe motor lodge in 1957, the hotel is unique in that its smaller, quainter grounds are appealing to a younger market that can’t put up the dough for the $1000 per night alternatives in the area.  But this place certainly isn’t lacking: Glen Oaks is ranked #1 on Trip…

View original 419 more words

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Our Lush, Brio and ModDotz tiles are here!

They’re here!

Welcome home, modwalls tile!

modwalls tiles back in stock

Here’s a list of all of the tile goodies we just received. Click on any name to go to the product page where you can purchase right away!

ModDotz™ porcelain penny round tiles

ModDotz™ Marshmallow

ModDotz™ Grey

ModDotz™ New Navy (new color!)

Lush® 8mm thick glass tiles

Lush® 4×12 Cloud

Lush® 4×12 Surf

Lush® 4×12 Fog Bank

Lush® 4×12 Vapor

Lush® 3×6 Vapor

Lush® 3×6 Cloud

Lush® 3×6 Rain

Lush® 3×6 Peacock

Lush® 1×4 Cloud

Lush® 1×4 Vapor

Lush® 1×4 Lemongrass

Lush® 1×2 Fog Bank

Lush® 1/2×2 Big Sur

Brio® 4mm thick vitreous glass tiles

Brio® White Linen blend

Brio® Surfside blend

Brio® Emma blend

Brio® Midcentury Palette blend

Brio® Number Nine blend (new blend!)

Brio® color Bright White

Brio® color Quartz

Brio® color Dry Ice

Brio® color Sleet

Brio® color Maple

Brio® color Black Walnut

Brio® color Cobalt

Brio® color Cobalt Pearl

Brio® color Grape

Brio® color Purple

Brio® color Pale Lilac

Brio® color Clear Red

Brio® color Tulip

Tile… it’s so hot right now.

modwalls tile in the warehouse

The warehouse boys unloading our new arrivals.

April 3, 2012 at 1:50 pm 1 comment

Hot Little Batches of ModDotz Porcelain Penny Round Tiles

ModDotz™ Porcelain Penny Rounds are one of our favorite tile lines, and some of our best selling products. These little Dotz™ are so fun; they make any space POP with their bubbly, cute and curvy texture!

We order small, artisan batches of these tiles in colors we think are hot at the moment and these little puppies usually sell out pretty quickly. We try our best to keep our signature colors, “Marshmallow” (white) and “Grey” in stock at all times, but sometimes they just fly off the shelf before we know it!

We’re getting a new shipment of ModDotz™ in early April and we CANNOT WAIT. We’ll be receiving ModDotz™ Marshmallow, ModDotz™ Grey and ModDotz™ New Navy in this upcoming order. We were trying to get a fresh, limey green, but the color didn’t pass our quality check. High-quality tile is super important to us, so we would rather wait a little longer to get the best color tile we can rather than push out a product we’re less than 100% proud of.

Below are some photos of some of the different colored ModDotz™ we’ve carried over the years, for your viewing pleasure. You can see that we move through these dye lots like hot cakes, so if you like what we’ve got, get it while the gettin’s good! And by that we mean while the tile is in stock and available. = )

Say “hey” to some of our fave ModDotz™ pix:

Classic white, ModDotz Marshmallow tile on a modern kitchen backsplash.

Classic white, ModDotz Marshmallow tile on a modern kitchen backsplash.

ModDotz Marshmallow kitchen tile

ModDotz Marshmallow

ModDotz Grey floor tile

ModDotz Grey floor tile

modwalls orange ModDotz

Orange ModDotz on a bar backsplash

A ModDotz blue blend on the floor

A ModDotz blue blend on the floor

ModDotz Marshmallow tiles on an office backsplash

ModDotz Marshmallow tiles on an office backsplash

ModDotz palm beach floor

One of our previous ModDotz blends, "Palm Beach"

ModDotz light blue tile on the kitchen backsplash and island

ModDotz light blue tile on the kitchen backsplash and island

colorful ModDotz tile blend

An oldie but goodie; ModDotz Confetti tile blend

green penny rounds bathroom tile

Cute little bathtub tile border created with green ModDotz

blue ModDotz penny rounds shower tile

We'll be getting a color similar to this one with our next ModDotz factory order, scheduled to arrive around June.

ModDotz at the Glen Oaks Big Sur Lodge

ModDotz at the Glen Oaks Big Sur Lodge

Orbit ModDotz

ModDotz Orbit blend- in stock now!

ModDotz penny rounds in Katie Brown's house

Our red ModDotz penny rounds were used in Katie Brown's Amagansett, NY home!

Black ModDotz tile backsplash

Black ModDotz tile backsplash

ModDotz orange bath full view

Orange ModDotz bathroom

Pistachio ModDotz kitchen backsplash

Pistachio ModDotz kitchen backsplash

ModDotz Miami blend bathroom tile backsplash

ModDotz Miami blend bathroom tile backsplash

ModDotz Marshmallow commercial tile

ModDotz Marshmallow also makes a great commercial tile!

So… do you love ‘em?

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Modwalls Tile in Katie Brown’s Gorgeous Amagansett Home – Part 3

Happy Friday, friends!

Today we’re showing you more of Katie Brown’s stunning revamped Amagansett home and this time we’re sharing her sweet daughter Prentiss’s bathroom.

Katie hand picked modwalls® Lush® glass subway tile “Driftwood” for her master bathroom (read our blog and see photos here), and she choose our classic white glass subway tile Lush® 3×6 Cloud for her daughter Meredith’s bathroom (we posted photos on a previous blog, which you can view here).

For her daughter Prentiss’s bathroom, Katie decided to go with our popular color Lush® Surf in our 1×2 brick joint mini subway tile size. We also carry this watery, aqua green Lush® color in a traditional 3×6 size, and an extra large format 4×12 subway size.  And we recently rolled out the color in our Lush® 1×4 size, which is a modwalls®-only size and can’t be found anywhere else.

Say “hi” to one beautiful bathroom:

modwalls Lush 1x2 Surf tile in Katie Brown's bathroom

Lush 1x2 Surf shower in Katie Brown's bathroom

Lush 1x2 Surf in Katie Brown's bathroom


We just love her style!

Which bathroom is your favorite?

February 24, 2012 at 1:47 pm 1 comment

Lush glass and ModDotz porcelain tiles are coming! Purchase now and save 10% off retail pricing

modwalls Lush and ModDotz tiles- 4x12 Surf, Marshmallow ModDotz, 3x6 Vapor, 3x6 Rain

Purchase now and save 10%

Our Lush® glass tile and ModDotz porcelain penny round tiles are set to arrive at our warehouse around the beginning of April, and we’re giving you the option to lock in your order now and save 10% off the retail price at the same time. Woo hoo!

Please email, or give us a call at (877) 439-9734 to place your tile order at 10% off.

Below a list of the tiles we are set to receive.  We’ll be getting around 550 square feet of each option, and they tend to sell out quickly!

ModDotz™ Marshmallow

ModDotz™ Grey

ModDotz™ New Navy (new color!)

ModDotz™ Key Lime (new color!)

Lush® 4×12 Cloud

Lush® 4×12 Surf

Lush® 4×12 Fog Bank

Lush® 4×12 Vapor

Lush® 3×6 Vapor

Lush® 3×6 Cloud

Lush® 3×6 Rain

Lush® 3×6 Peacock

Lush® 1×4 Cloud

Lush® 1×4 Vapor

Lush® 1×4 Lemongrass

Lush® 1×2 Fog Bank

Lush® 1/2×2 Big Sur

Have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Hello, Retro

What do you get when you salvage a “Ming Green” sink and tub and add modwalls’ tiles?

You get one retro-licious bathroom.

Check out this magnificentness:

Lush 1x2 subway Santa Monica tile countertop by modwalls

The too-cute countertop tile is our Lush® 1×2 Santa Monica subway tile blend.  So yummy.

And then there’s the tub and the super cool custom tile design our customer created with our Lush® 1×2 Santa Monica blend plus our Lush® 3×6 glass subway tiles in the colors (from top of the tub to bottom): Vapor, Breaker, Pool, Surf and Seagrass.

Lush 3x6 glass subway tile bath tub and 1x2 Santa Monica tile

modwalls Lush subway tiles and retro tub

Lush glass subway tiles and 1x2 Santa Monica tile shower

This sweet bathroom looks like its straight out of the pages of our new favorite book, Pantone’s The 20th Century of Color.

See what we mean?

Collage we created from Pantone's The 20th Century of Color

Collage we created from Pantone's "The 20th Century of Color"

We think Grace would approve.

Grace Kelly photo from Pantone's The 20th Century of Color

From Pantone's "The 20th Century of Color"


February 14, 2012 at 1:03 pm 1 comment

Navy Lovin’

Elle Decor sounded the call on this new blue color craze and WE ARE SO IN.

Trend Alert: Navy Blue proclaims, “Forget black and beige. The newest neutral is crisp, cool, and forever classic,” and modwalls® couldn’t agree more!

We dreamed up our own little concoction in our version of the color and we plan on debuting it with our next set of modwalls® ModDotz ™ this spring.

And here it is….

Ta-Da!!  ModDotz ™ “New Navy” porcelain penny rounds.

modwalls ModDotz New Navy blue porcelain penny round

Ok, ok, we know, not much to see here, but this is just a taste.  We’re just trying to prep your pallet for this savory color.

Here’s an example of one of our previous versions of blue ModDotz ™ penny rounds

modwalls ModDotz blue porcelain penny rounds

Rockin’, right?  And we’re pretty certain our “New Navy” will be WAAAAAAAAY BETTER.  Just try to wrap your brain around that.

We’ll be serving these babies up right around the end of March 2012.  Contact anytime for more details.

January 10, 2012 at 11:58 am 2 comments

Atomic Ranch’d! Hot New Brio Glass Tile Blends As Seen In Atomic Ranch Magazine

Design collaborations are our new BIG thing here at modwalls®.

It started with our Lush® Henry Road collection in 2009, and this year we’ve introduced our Lush® Rex Ray Studio for modwalls® and our Clayhaus for modwalls® collections. We’ll admit it… we’re kind of on a roll. ;-)

Our goal is to continuously provide fresh and inspiring tile designs by collaborating with cool peoples, like the retro-fabulous folks at Atomic Ranch Magazine who designed these two mod-tastic 3/4″ glass tile blends, Brio® MidCentury Palette and Brio® Blue Riff.

Check out these two beauties in the Winter 2011 issue of Atomic Ranch Magazine, on newsstands now!

Oh la lovely!

Atomic Ranch Winter 2011 - modwalls Brio tile Atomic Ranch blends

Available now for under $7.00 per square foot.  Can’t beat that!

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